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Guidelines For Parents / Guardians

1. In order to make education of your child effective, we solicit your co-operation.
This can be done by:
   a. Providing reasonable facilities of students at home.
   b. Providing books, note books and other requirements.
   c. Assisting and guiding in home work and ensuring that the home work is done regularly.
   d. Depositing fee as per rules and providing proper school uniforms.
2. Please ensure that your ward comes to school punctually and regularly in neat and clean uniform.
3. Please check your ward school diary frequently and see that assigned work is done regularly and countersign and remarks made thereof.
4. Should you feel or notice that your ward is not making the desire progress kindly see the class Teacher / Supervisor on last day of every month.
5. You may contact the class teacher or subject teacher only in the staff room. Parents can meet the subject teachers on the last working day of the month after recess when all teachers are available at one place.
6. Please send leave application of your ward addressed to the Principal through class teacher. Long leave is granted only on medical grounds on production of medical certificate.
7. Please do not send your ward to school if he/she is suffering from infectious disease.
8. Please do not give costly things or money to your wards. Mobile phone is strictly prohibited.
9. Please ensure that your wards are escorted safely to the school & back way home.
10. Private tuition by school teacher are strictly forbidden. Please dont request for the same.
11. Do not hesitate to meet the Principal in case you are not satisfied with teacher / teachers.
12. In wet canteen at school premises, please note that no monthly account is to be kept by any student with it. Only day to day transaction to be done by the students.