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Summer : 07.30 hrs to 13.50 hrs
Winter : 07.50 hrs to 14.10 hrs


1. A pupil will be eligible to appear in session end examination if he/she has attended a minimum of 75% classes.
2. Leave of absence is granted only on an application addressed to the Principal through Class Teacher. The application should be written by the parent/guardian and submitted in time.
3. The period of leave with reason should be recorded in the student's diary by the parents with signature.
4. In case of illness a medical certificate must be attached with the application.
5. The name of student will be stuck off the rolls of the school if he/she remains absent for more than ten days continuously without sanction of leave.
6. The school authorities reserve the right to take disciplinary action against the defaulting students. In case of shortage of attendance the student will not be permitted to appear in the final examination.
7. Attendance in every exam is compulsory to be eligible to secure a rank.


A ward will be admitted to a particular class after he/she passes an entrance test for that class. Transfer certificate is to be produced by the ward who has previously attended any Air Force School.
An application is to be submitted in writing before a child is withdrawn. Fee for the current month will be charged.
T.C. will be issued after 3-5 days (working days) of application.